The Big Picture

Tonight I enjoyed some delicious laughter as I returned home and switched on the news. It seems that some conservatives are all aflutter that Barack Obama went to Berlin and gave a speech, harkening a moment almost 50 years ago when John Kennedy traveled to Germany and wove a spell with his Ich bin ein Berliner.

”But he’s not the head of state!”

”This was a political speech!”

”Americans want a president who is focusing on their issues!”

Obama trumped them all. By traveling to Europe and by representing America as an elected official who is seeking the Presidency, Obama has definitively established himself as a leader, someone who isn’t afraid to be a person of ideas, an intellectual who can inhabit many forms of perspective without losing sight of his bedrock. He’s just what we need, someone who is able to go far and wide mentally, reaching out to understand and to be understood. It matters not at this point that he hasn’t beaten us over the head with the line by line details of his legislative plans. He’s doing what a leader should, speaking the wider vision, casting the big nets, sparking the interest and confidence of the world for the days ahead. It’s just flat out exciting.