Time for a road trip! It will be so good to get away from the daily grind, even though I’ll start missing my son intensely the moment I step out the door. It’s good for him to see Mom happy and engaged in something unrelated to his activities or homework! Yesterday, I was mowing the lawn and stupidly tangled with the push mower to an extent that could have made the trip less enjoyable. I pinched one of my fingers greatly while messing with the self-propel going around some trees. Then, leaning down to tie a shoelace, I fairly smashed my entire lip on the handbar, so much that I saw stars and felt for blood and swelling. Thankfully there was none. Two hours later, filthy, drenched in sweat and grass splatters, I staggered back into the house to fix dinner for son and a friend. It’s a wonder they let me prepare their food. Even after cleaning up a bit, I remained a creature. Now, only a few last minute errands, an attempt at a decent meal for my son and his grandmother tonight, and morning will be here with it’s call to the 6am Chicago train. Sweet escape!

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